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Networking is a complex part of computing that makes up most of the IT Industry. Without networks, almost all communication in the world would cease to happen. It is because of networking that computers, telephones, Internet, Video Conferencing etc. Work

We are specialist in providing on site computer repair services and network support for all sized business, on site computer and network services that are convenient and reliable.

Benefits :

  • New network setup with router and systems.
  • We also setup and maintain Intranet and Extranet Networks and ISP Setups.
  • Networking and wireless usage (media center, file sharing, mapping drives, etc.)
  • Connecting a computer to an existing network

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

The maintenance contract service (for all type of Branded Servers, desktops, laptops, thin clients, workstations) is designed for business, for them who want maximum output from Computer Infrastructure and employees. By accepting such agreement you can get more productivity, less expenditure for maintenance and upgradation. For a fixed fee paid, all troubleshooting, problem solving and diagnosis onsite is free.

In a situation where machine goes down, we guarantee to attend your site within 6 hours. The contract also includes regular site visits to carry out preventive maintenance procedures, to ensure downtime is kept to a minimum.

You will also receive unlimited advice and support to ensure you are getting the most from your current IT. Infrastructure both now and in the future.

Our technical support department provides prompt support by telephone, remote and onsite support from a single source, where and when you need it. To that end, our Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) ensures that your software is always supported and up to date.

We offer annual maintenance services (AMC) to our customers from different industrial segments. Our Annual Maintenance package ensures that you get the highest level of support and service, when you need it the most. We understand that your work can not come to a stand still while you wait for technical support and service.

Priority Services for customer who have AMC

  • 4 Preventive maintenance visits
  • Priority Services for customer who have AMC
  • It is a one time decision and saves valuable time
  • Cost effective charges and quality service deliverables
  • Trained Service professionals - A team of highly energetic professionals.
  • Committed response time and repair time
  • Technical support is available at your place within short time
  • Unlimited online support is offered during office hours through phone/ Internet
  • We offer solutions to hardware problems, to reduce your machines down time.
  • During major breakdowns, we can provide standby parts if it is to be repaired through us/ to be replaced through us.

We serve you to get peripherals of Desktop Computer, Laptop and Network repaired at competitive charges in case of major breakdowns and arrange parts at best prices available in the industry.

We also setup and maintain Intranet and Extranet Networks and ISP Setups.

Facility Management Services (FMS)

Greatbay Technologies is a facilitator when it comes to successful re-consolidation and relocation of your IT infrastructure within specified time and cost. Our multipoint optimization strategy along with our thoughtful customer referral methodology leads to smooth alterations, making your IT setup future ready. GBT consultants with their sound technical expertise, ensure smooth planning and working of the project, where in our consultants are deployed along with the customer’s team for successful initialization and completion of your network.

Greatbay Technologies focuses on three prime components i.e. People, Process and Technology for delivering IT-IMS Services. Greatbay Technologies conducts inclusive service portfolio for IT Infrastructure Management Services (IT-IMS). As IT Services are considered to facilitate the core business for any organization. Hence, Greatbay Technologies services are designed to provide the following:

  • Ensure better Availability & Reliability of IT Infrastructure.
  • Ensure optimized Performance of IT Infrastructure.
  • Ensure increased End-User Satisfaction.
  • Ensure adoption and adherence of Industry Best Practices.
  • We offer & aim at sharing IT Infrastructure Management Services.

Our team member’s robust knowledge of IT Infrastructure put along with through with Skilled Resources and Process Proficiency and ability to provide quality services to our customers, makes Greatbay technologies an undeniable and superlative choice for managing client’s IT Infrastructure, worldwide.

Backup Exec

Greatbay Technologies with Symantec Backup Exec delivers powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use backup and recovery to protect your entire infrastructure whether built upon virtual, physical, or a combination of both. Backup Exec is licensed per media server, agent and option.

What is Backup and Recovery?
Backup and Recovery, an essential component of any data protection strategy, protects your organization's critical data and systems against data loss and disasters. Backing up your organization's critical data ensures that your business is always up and running, no matter what.

Data Recovery

If you are facing a data loss situation, you've come to the right place. Greatbay Technologies has been successfully recovering data from every type of computer storage media.

Our technical expertise include hard disk recovery, server recovery. Our capabilities include most of all operating systems (Windows, Novell or Unix/Linux etc).

We quickly resolve all combinations of logical and physical problems such as hard disk crash, controller failure, inaccessible Unix system, file delete, O/S reinstall, read errors, upgrade failure, restore failure, flash card reformat.

No Files - No Charge: Recovery Charges are only applicable when you have agreed with our quotation and you accept the recovery results presented. If there are no files recovered, no recovery fee is charged. If there is a partial recovery, you decide to either accept the recovery as presented for the quoted price or decline the recovery with no recovery fee charged.